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5 Star Exclusive Hajj Packages 2023

5 Star Deluxe Hajj Package (Medina First)

20 Nights
Availability : June 29 - July 19
Saudi Arabia
Min Age : 9+
Max People : 20


Hajar Travels Provide Cheap Hajj Packages 2023 from USA

Hajar Travels is a recognized travel service with the privilege and honor of helping pilgrims across the USA go to Makkah and safely perform religious rituals.

We designed a range of affordable hajj packages with information and great care to make every stage of the adventure apparent to our customers.

Every stage of your Hajj journey is prepared with high regard and affection, bearing in mind that every step you take towards the Holy Kaaba is inscribed for you.

Going for Hajj and doing Hajj with ease seems to be a luxury these days. If you intend to use our Cheap Hajj Packages from Illinois or any other state, contact Hajar Travels. Hajar Travels offers the best in Makkah, Medina, Mina, Muzdalifah, Arafat, Azizia, Ziarat and Qurbani.

Our cheap Hajj packages are intended for pilgrims who wish to fly to Saudi Arabia and are built specifically to fulfill the needs of every haji who wants to perform Hajj.

Hajar Travels provides a range of cheap Hajj packages. We try to meet all your expectations and demands to make your Hajj travels as memorable as possible, completing all the preparatory work for you.

Hajj Packages from USA

Our personnel at Hajar Travels are devoted to serving you from visa procedures to travel tickets, meeting and assisting airports, training sessions, and programs.

We accompany you at every step, and we are there for you throughout Hajj.

Our Hajj Services include transport and housing in Mecca, Medina, and Aziza throughout Hajj days, with magnificent tents in Mina, special learning sessions, and excellent cuisine and hospitality. Hajar Travels has emerged as America’s top Hajj service provider for many years, looking forward to serving Hajj with incredible passion, persistence, and dedication.

Hajar Travels offers comprehensive travel agency services with an excellent reputation for customer care, devoted to delivering a personal and valuable assessment to all our customers. Our dedicated, highly experienced, and competent crew is entirely devoted to providing trustworthy and professional service to our clients and completing every journey we help you arrange.

We are aware that you want your sacred trip to be entirely hassle-free and memorable. Therefore, we design all our Hajj Packages USA to accommodate your specific wants and preferences, from airline options to the best hotel accommodation.

Economically Cheap Hajj Packages

Our cheap Hajj packages are designed to meet Allah’s visitors’ demands through high-end, quality services. We want to meet every Muslim’s aspiration. Therefore, we provide economical and affordable pricing with a promise of the greatest value for money. Moreover, customized choices are offered to select and choose based on your needs. Register today for comprehensive ritual information and training gear.


Hajar Travels is a registered travel agency where tourists may apply for visas. All visas are issued from Mid of Shawwal to Dhul Qudh’s 29th annual. All passengers are guaranteed complete Visa Processing.

Accommodation near Haram

Our clients are the top focus of Hajar Travels. We provide our customers exceptional lodging so that tourists may enjoy comfort distant from home. All hotels/apartments have features to offer.

Travelers will stay in buildings at Azizia. Accommodation based on room size. Transport to and from Haram for the convenience of our travelers. Breakfast and supper are offered.

At Mina-Arafat, there will be camps for pilgrims. All pilgrims will receive mattress/sofa beds. We will offer them breakfast, lunch, and supper. At Madinah, luxury hotels will provide lodging.

Flight Timetable

All travelers are promptly assured with their tickets and boarding cards. When booking, all flight departures and arrival information will be reviewed with guests. The agency will address any concerns at the airport to avoid any passenger disruption.

This is a lifelong event for many people out there. We at Hajar Travels value this to offer our customers the finest travel trip at the most affordable costs. So, make your experience noteworthy by booking at Hajar Travels today.

To book our Cheap Hajj Packages 2023, please explore the website for more details or call us anytime and contact us if you have any queries.

We are grateful to ALLAH Almighty, who helped us successfully deliver Hajj services to our many respected clients over many years. We are also thankful to all our clients for expressing their confidence in our services and enabling us to attain this business achievement by delivering outstanding Hajj services.